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MASH-UP: The Melker Project – It (Michael Jackson x Young Dro)

melkerIt is probably safe to say you have very specific memories tied to Michael Jackson’s classic release Thriller. The legendary album had countless hits and sold over 29 MILLION copies in the US alone. In a year where there might not be a single album to reach platinum status, that is unbelievable.

I have a slew of memories of Thriller myself after countless listening sessions via my very own Fisher Price record player. “Beat It” was probably the single I listened to and music video I watched most often (“Thriller” was frightening in my early years). My father provided some comical commentary/advice during my first viewing. As the scene with the dancing knife-fight when he advised “that is why you don’t get involved with a gang.” I actually think a dancing gang with crazy fashion sense is better for the world, but what do I know? Top that music video insight.

The Melker Project is hoping to make some new memories associate with Thriller and just in time for Halloween. Continuing his successful line of mash-up EP’s surrounding legendary artists (see The Skeetles, Skeetwood Mac & more), Triller is coming on October 29th. A preview of the MJ-themed effort makes me think this might be Melker’s biggest release yet. The first single comes in the form of “ It”, which brings together MJ and Young Dro that sounds a lot better than you’d think. Dro’s see-saw flow slides along with Eddie Van Halen’s guitar work and trap-style percussion, while MJ’s vocals remain timeless.

Stream “ it” below, download here and look for Triller on October 29th!

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio