Daniel Wilson – If You Went Away

10669323_629388820492323_2349291045381533597_oUnique voices have a way of grabbing a listener no matter the musical circumstance. Alex Winston, Sam Smith, Lykke Li and Raphael Saadiq all come to mind as vocalists you probably remember the first time you heard. Daniel Wilson from nearby Ypsilanti, MI has that same feel but with an intriguing edge and genre-defying production.

Wilson had already made noise with emotive tracks like “Killed Ya” and “Heartbreaker”, but his latest effort truly seems poised for a star-ready moment. “If You Went Away” shines with a sparse intro that isolates Wilson’s reverberating pipes (+ chilling keys) before layering harmonies for an entrancing and poignant effect. Aside from Wilson’s bold and fearless vocals and approachable story, the production’s piano and symphony-filled instrumentation feels like a grand introduction to an important artist.

Stream “If You Went Away” below and look out for the upcoming EP, The Boy Who Cried Thunder out 11/24.

BONUS: Boy Who Cried Thunder

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio