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Ed Prosek – The Riverbed EP

Riverbed ArtworkSinger-songwriter Ed Prosek made an instant impression with his anthemic single “Hold On Tight” and shines further on his latest EP, The Riverbed. Prosek’s story-telling talents consistently follow the theme of a “journey” and compliment his chilling vocals on cuts like “Weak Heart” and “Home”. Aside from vocal talents, Prosek played banjo, guitar and even trumpet on the concise EP. Obviously, the track entitled “Michigan” was of particular interest to me once I saw the tracklist. Prosek had this to say about the charming song:

Writing a song about someone else’s story is a a rare occurrence for me, but for Michigan I did just that. This is a song about shame, realization and redemption, and the way that a lie, about who you are or where you’ve been can be carried with you and change everything that’s ahead of you. I spent my senior year of high school studying in north Michigan, and the stark beauty of the lakes, the snow in winter, the long drives through endless forest; those images really stayed with me. And I think the song reflects that – in the pastoral quality of the strings giving this sense of space and freedom, and the ebb and flow in the way the band moves together, it feels like being alone with the world, far away from anyone, in the way that you can be in America more so than anywhere else. This is the most orchestral track on the EP, and with the lyrical themes and the imagery it conjures for me, one of the most powerful. I’m incredibly proud of the way the whole ensemble sounds together, after writing so much for the band, it was wonderful to get back to our roots as a group and work with the string players, and to bring that wonderful flow and color to the record.

Stream Ed Prosek’s EP, The Riverbed below and purchase at iTunes now.


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