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2014 Wrap-Up: Top Remixes #32-24


Moving right along, the next 9 remixes were constant plays on my weekend playlists. Viceroy brought the “Jet Life” to St. Louis on Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me”, Bees Knees gave Kill Paris the keytar he needed on “Falling In Love Again” and RAC did what he does to make Miami Horror’s “Wild Emotion” even more repeat-worthy. Blog favorite DJ Double A gave Brandy’s “Wanna Be Down” a groove-oriented update it desperately needed and mash-up champion The Melker Project made Red Hot Chili Peppers much more “trill” with the addition of Young Jeezy and West Coast rising rapper YG. The Chainsmokers had perhaps their catchiest remix of the year in “Young Hearts”, while JackLNDN and Niklas Ibach gave complimentary downtempo rhythms to George Maple and Dotan’s pop anthems. Fred Falke can claim the most plays of this collection of remixes as I still can’t get the swirling bassline and synth from his “Bad Blood” remix out of my head.

Speaking of Mr. Melker, be on the look out for something special at the end of this countdown. Until then, stream #32-24 below!

24. Strange Talk-Young Hearts (The Chainsmokers remix)

25. The Melker Project – Scar Tissue Make You Act Right (Red Hot Chili Peppers x YG x Young Jeezy x Yo Gotti)

26. Nelly – Ride Wit Me (Viceroy Remix)

27. Kill Paris – Falling In Love Again (Bee’s Knees Keytar Mix)

28. Brandy – Wanna Be Down (DJ Double A remix)

29. Miami Horror-Wild Motion (RAC mix)

30. Bastille-Bad Blood (Fred Falke remix)

31. George Maple – Talk Talk (JackLNDN Remix)

32. Dotan – Hungry (Niklas Ibach remix)