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2014 Wrap-Up: Top Remixes #41-33


The next batch of my favorite remixes of 2014 includes reworkings of current indie and dance songs, but also features takes on a few classics. Disclosure had a massive 2013, which lead to working on original music with Sam Smith, Mary J. Blige and others in 2014. Their remix of Pharrell’s “Frontin'” was welcome to those of us not so patiently waiting for their next album. Louis Futon also spiced up Mos Def’s past favorite hit “Ms Fat Booty” with excellent downtempo synthy flavor. Fiery new remixes from Solidisco, Wilfred Giroux, and Syn Cole balanced my palette for reworkings like RAC’s (get ready to see him a lot on this list) fireside or dancefloor-ready spin on Grizfolk’s “The Struggle”, Funk LeBlanc’s interpretation of The Chain Gang Of 1974 and Bee’s Knees’ remix of ShiftK3Y’s “I Know”. Zac Samuel’s remix of Karen Harding’s “Say Something” also marked the first (of many) influences producer/Magic Tape maestro The Magician had on this list.

33. The Knocks – Comfortable (Solidisco remix)

34. The Chain Gang of 1974-Sleepwalking (Funk LeBlanc remix)

35. Pharrell – Frontin’ ft Jay-Z (Disclosure remix)

36. Karen Harding – Say Something (Zac Samuel remix)

37. Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Wilfred Giroux remix)

38. Grizfolk – The Struggle (RAC mix)

39. Zedd – Find You (Syn Cole remix)

40. Mos Def – Ms Fat Booty (Louis Futon remix)

41. Shift K3y – I Know (Bee’s Knees remix)