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DJ Mix: DJ DOUBLE A – Your Mom’s Favourite DJ

1017460_569968306427623_125981815_nI’m still bummed that I wasn’t able to talk DJ Double A into crafting a “best of Remix Friday” mixtape in 2014 (seriously, revisit the Labor Day and Best of 2013 mixes). However, I’m glad to see he is still churning out excellent remixes and mixes of his own. The latest mix, Your Mom’s Favourite DJ, is exactly what you’d hope for with an hour’s worth of dance-ready rhythms featuring everyone from Snoop Dogg to T.I.. I’ll let Double A explain:

In case anyone was ever wondering… I do DJ, and this is sort of representative of a “typical” set for me… I kinda play everything… Brand new stuff, oldies, funk, rap, disco, house, rock, dancehall, and more… aaaaaaaaaanyway… Oh yeah, clearly, I’m barely functional with “the scratching” but, old dog, new tricks and all that… Have at it!

Stream DJ Double A’s Your Mom’s Favourite DJ mix below and head to Facebook to keep track of his latest gigs.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio