Gosh Pith – Window + 1/30 show at The Full House in Grand Rapids

10830588_806058949464432_269277451836212629_oI hate to describe music as “experimental” because the term usually implies that an artist trying out unknown sounds. While discovering a new sound might have been Detroit duo Gosh Pith‘s initial intent, it seems like they’ve figured out the formula with 3 straight hits. The hazy tempo, sparse synth, paced percussion and spectral R&B-feel of their latest track “Window” seems to match Gosh Pith’s self-described genre called “Cosmic Trap”. Keep this experiment going fellas.

Stream Gosh Pith’s “Window” below and catch them this weekend in Grand Rapids and Marquette.

BONUS: Smoke Bellow


Upcoming Tour
1/30 – Full House – Grand Rapids, MI
1/31 – The Altamont – Marquette, MI

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio