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Calexico – Cumbia de Donde

unnamed (13)My introduction to Calexico was through their frequent work with Neko Case and choice cover of Arcade Fire’s “Ocean of Noise”. Aside from helping other acts, the talented band fronted by Joey Burns and John Convertino, have been together for nearly two decades playing everything from to Tejano-influenced music to indie rock and Americana. On their pending eighth album, Edge of the Sun, Calexico had assistance from the likes of Sam Beam (Iron & Wine), Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses) and Ms. Case herself.

Lead single “Cumbia de Donde” features Amparo Sanchez and leans heavily on mariachi and Tejano sounds.However, the breezy cut also has electronic elements that align nicely and has a melody that is quite danceable. Perfect for transporting listeners in frigid climates south of the border (at least mentally) to Mexico City, where the album was recorded.

Stream Calexico’s “Cumbia de Donde” below and pre-order Edge of the Sun (out April 14th) at iTunes.

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