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Holychild – Money All Around

unnamedIts been a minutes since we’ve heard the sassy brat pop of Holychild, but the duo managed to craft a catchy summer jam with an appropriate message on their new single. “Money All Around” features singer Liz Nistico’s distorted and cascading vocals skewering culture’s money revolving nature, while producer Louie Diller supplies a rising and falling synth-filled backdrop.

Nistico explained the track’s theme as “our culture’s obsession with fame, bodies, and money, and how that affects personal relationships. I feel like I’m always second-guessing my interactions with other people. Maybe it’s overthinking, but I’m always trying to figure out which transactions are natural, true, honest, genuine, and which are motivated by the other person’s ulterior motives or even mine.”

Stream Holychild’s “Money All Around” below and pick up The Shape of Brat Pop to Come on Glassnote Records on June 2nd. Catch the duo on tour with Passion Pit this May and festivals all summer.

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By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio