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Jaymes Young & Phoebe Ryan – We Won’t

jaymesphoebe Though some might view the subject matter of Jaymes Young and Phoebe Ryan‘s excellent collaboration as pessimism, the two narrators perfectly display a refreshing bit of realism. On “We Won’t”, Young and Ryan’s vocals interchange and meld in unison in a drawn out ending of a relationship that was troubled from the start. The sparse indietronic production hums and hovers like a dark, sonic cloud hanging above the beautifully pained vocals. Even the artwork was perfectly curated with Young and Ryan’s disdainful looks blurred and purposefully avoiding the other. The realistic tale comes to a close with the duo sharing the lines:

“And don’t cry no more for me./Don’t waste your time convincing me/that maybe someday we’ll get it right.Cause we never could,/I wish that we would, but we won’t, so just don’t.”

The emphatic conclusion sums up the story with finality, but lets hope these two talented artists collaborate again soon.

Stream Jaymes Young & Phoebe Ryan’s “We Won’t” below and purchase at iTunes.

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