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RAC – Back Of The Car ft Nate Hendricks

unnamed (2)André Anjos aka RAC is no stranger to warm weather anthems with numerous remixes and originals dotting my playlists from years past. RAC essentially had the summer of 2014 on lock with his replay-ready and seasonally appropriate single “Cheap Sunglasses”.

By the sounds of things, André might have similar success with new single “Back Of The Car”. Anjos described the song’s theme as “about freedom, about growing up, about returning to my roots” and the soundscape matches that sentiment. The handclap-ready, synth and guitar-fueled track pulses with sunny momentum and benefits from the appearance of singer Nate Hendricks.

Stream RAC’s “Back of the Car” below and catch RAC at the upcoming North Coast Music Festival in Chicago on September 4-6th.

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