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MASH-UP: The White Panda – The Pawprint

The Pawprint Album ArtThe Pandas are back. It seems insane to think that The Pawprint marks the sixth album from producers The White Panda, but they have steadily amassed an excellent catalog of mash-up albums. The Pawprint is one of the duo’s most cohesive to date and continues the trend of witty titles (“Kanye’s Insane”, “Steal My Anna Sun”) and surprise pairings like TV On The Radio + Jason Derulo (“Wolf Like Cheyenne”) and Naughty By Nature + Steve Winwood (“Jamboree Love”) across multiple genres. The fusion of Rihanna and KONGOS on “B**** Betta Come With Me” is my current favorite, but that designation has changed after each listen.

Stream The White Panda‘s The Pawprint below with continuous mix option (Soundcloud) or download the “pay what you want” tracked out version (bandcamp). Chicago folk – catch The White Panda at House of Blues on Sat. 12/12.

Continuous Mix

Assorted Tracks

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