Indie JayeL Audio Mixtape

MIXTAPE: JayeL Audio 6-12-20 feat. De Lux, RAC, Haim, Thundercat & more

Mixtapes in June are dangerous for me. Click to hear why and listen to my favorite tracks of the month.

Dance DJ Sets House remix Remix Friday

DJ MIXES: Saturdays In Tha House – Vol. I-IV

I hope everyone is staying safe, sane, and healthy in this crazy time. As I said previously, music has helped me escape mentally while alleviating the need to leave our home (except for food, exercise, dog walks, etc.). The time at home as also allowed me to DJ on a more consistent basis and hopefully […]

Indie Indie Pop JayeL Audio Mixtape

MIXTAPE: JayeL Audio 4-10-20 feat. HAIM, Thundercat, Mapei, & more

Before I get into what will definitely be the most frivolous piece of media you’ll encounter today, a few words on the current state of life. Clearly, the crisis we’re living in is unprecedented for any person of any generation alive today. People are in pain physically, emotionally, fiscally, and beyond. These events will be scars that […]

JayeL Audio Mixtape

MIXTAPE: 2-10-20 feat. Thundercat, Algiers, Tennis, Lilly Hiatt, & more

Its been a minute since my last non-DJ mix or year end mixtape, but keeping up with music is a non-stop hobby. Even when you think you are ahead of the game, the constant quest for your next favorite song can unearth a host of songs you missed. This mixtape is very much a combination […]

JayeL Audio Spotify

2020 JAYELAUDIO Playlists

2020 is well ‘in effect’ and it has no time for you to miss out on all of the great new music already released. That’s where I come in: I do all of the work for you with 3 handy Spotify playlists that are updated weekly for your auditory enjoyment.

2019 Dance DJ Sets House JayeL Audio Lists Mixtape remix Remix Friday

2019 Wrap-Up: Top Dance Tracks of 2019

Take a listen to my favorite 100 dance tracks of 2019 on two DJ mixes and a Spotify playlist. JayeL Audio has you covered with 2019’s best in house, electro, disco, remixes, and more.

2019 Lists Live Review Showstopper

2019 Wrap-Up: Top Live Shows of 2019

2019 was a solid year for live music in Metro Detroit. Not only did Mo Pop Festival have arguably the best line-up they’ve had since moving to West Riverfront Park, but it seemed like every week there was something to see at a venue within a 50 mile radius. This year I saw big arena […]