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Traveling JayeL Hats/Dawaun Parker “Lost”

Last weekend, was one of the better musical weekends I’ve ever had. Local Natives did exactly what I hoped they would: Wow the sell out crowd with harmonies that result in group sing-a-longs. Matt & Kim also did precisely what I wished: Have everyone dancing from start to end and smile the entire show. The […]

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New Segment: Traveling JayeL Hats….and GOOD Friday

My friend Andrew (also lead singer of the best cover band in South Florida, Heroes 4 Hire) came up with a genius idea Thursday. Say you’re attending a concert, sporting event, summiting a mountain, camping, etc., you probably brought your JayeL Audio trucker hat, right? Definitely take a picture with the hat at the event, […]


JayeL Audio Apparel: Trucker Hats

So yeah, my friends are amazing. When I went back to East Lansing last weekend, they surprised me with some limited edition JayeL Audio trucker hats. To my surprise, demand has been high and I’m considering ordering more. Let me know your (1) choice of color, (2) large or small logo and I’ll put an […]