CONTEST: 2012 Grammy Nominations

While not always relevant to what the kids listen to these days, last year’s Grammy awards went a long way for big bands in my world that don’t necessarily fall in the “commercial” category. Mumford & Sons and Avett Brothers had breakout performances, while somehow Arcade Fire won top honors for The Suburbs and The […]

JayeL Audio Mixtape

New Mixtape: 4th of July 2011 – NITE

Now these are the types of mixtapes I can have a little more fun with. Its not all necessarily brand new music, but hopefully plenty of music to keep you parting into the night. There are new tracks from the likes of Martin Solveig, Asher Roth and Beyonce, but also remixes of favorites like Beastie […]

Indie Indie Pop JayeL Audio Mixtape

New Mixtape: JayeL Audio 3-31-11

Return me to this place. No. Seriously. I’ve been staring at spreadsheets and flowcharts all week so forgive the math correlation. If I had to classify this mixtapes into 4 quadrants it would be: Harmonies – the Local Natives/Fleet Foxes charm has spread to U.S. Royalty, Yeasayer, and Wolf Gang Covers – this month was […]

Indie Indie Pop remix

Post It Up: 6 for the Weekend

I’ve been out of town most of this week (for work) and will be out all weekend (for fun).  I hope to make up for the lack of activity next week with a new edition of “Mashed Up”, a soundtrack post and more. Here’s a few tracks to tide you over for the long weekend. […]