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New Mixtape: Nark Tub Time Machine

I feel like this is how hip-hop always is these days. A month or two drought and then when Summer hits, there is a mad rush thru Q4 of good releases. I’m not counting on Detox, but B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray (“Airplanes”, “Not Lost”), Big Boi (“Shutterbug”) and Kid Cudi (“Do My Thing”) are all […]

Hip-Hop Rap

New B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray – Don’t Let Me Fall

Sure, I like B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray’s chart-topping hit “Nothin’ On You” (video below). I can see why the label is pushing it and its really damn catchy. However, this is much more my style. “Don’t Let Me Fall” features the Decatur, GA native’s versatility over a guitar heavy and piano filled ode to the […]

JayeL Audio Mixtape

New Mixtape: JayeL Audio 11-24-09 – Part 2 of 2

JayeL Audio 11-24-09 Disc Two Beyonce’s lil’ sis Solange gets some indie cred by eloquently covering Dirty Projectors hit, “Stillness Is The Move”. She definitely get bonus points for reworking one of my favorite beats of all time. Sea Wolf showcases the only upbeat song on the New Moon soundtrack. Yeasayer is clearly on […]

Hip-Hop Mixtape

Bobby Ray aka B.o.B. – The Features Mixtape

I’ve been following Decatur, GA’s Bobby Ray (formerly known as b.o.b.) for more than a minute. “Haterz Everywhere” caught my attention early, but he has had numerous underground hits since then (see “I’ll Be In The Sky” and “Lonely People”). Bobby Ray has been signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle records, but typical major label politics […]