Mash-ups remix

The White Panda – Bearly Legal Full Length Tracks

Normally I’d save these jams for Remix Friday, but Bearly Legal happens to be the best mash-up album of 2013 so far. The White Panda have been releasing full length single cuts from the album weekly, but recently dropped off 3 of my favorites. Listen to “All Knas Everything” and tell me that doesn’t get […]

Electronic Mash-ups

The Hood Internet: Big KRIT+Luda+Bun B vs. Passion Pit “I’ll Be Country”

When I see a mash-up featuring certain artists, I just know it’s going to be a homerun. Case in point, Big KRIT + Passion Pit. The Hood Internet know my tastes too well. Also check out The Hood Internet’s other latest and greatest tracks featuring Danny Brown vs. Dirty Projectors and Ca$h Out vs. Tiny […]