JayeL Audio Mixtape

New Mixtape: JayeL Audio 4-4-09

Wow.  I mean I’ve watched almost every game this season and I thought we were good, but damn.  Glad to see Raymar snap out of his slump. GO GREEN!!!!!!!!! Lets celebrate with a mixtape. As you can see, I’m trying to get a few things done before I head to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for […]

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Dan Deacon: "Bromst" Fever

I haven’t been a huge Dan Deacon fan in the past.  I liked his ideas about music and performing tactics, but his schizo-music was a little nuts for me.  That pretty much changed today.  Its still probably the craziest brand of electro I’ve ever listened to, but I’ve broadened my horizons since I saw him […]

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Million $ Mano: Please "Gon Do It"

“Who? Mano.”  You might not remember, but I told you before….Million $ Mano is damn good.  Here he remixes The Rapture‘s “Don Gon Do It” and its grand.  Its been on his myspace for quite a while, but I just now found the mp3.  Thanks to Radio Free Chicago. The Rapture – Don Gon Do […]


Futurecop!: '80's "Kids" Tour America

In my daily dive into the concert line-ups in Detroit, ATL and Charlotte, I came across Peter Carrol and Manzur Iqbal of Futurecop!.  Their description on the The Crofoot’s website mentioned Girl Talk, so I immediately had to check them out.  What I found is a UK duo that emulates everything awesome about the ’80s: […]