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2013 Wrap-Up: Top Albums of 2013 – Honorable Mention

I’ve started each year’s top albums list when a preface about how people don’t listen to albums anymore. That statement is still true, but if the big names of 2013 didn’t make you immerse yourself in at least one artist’s vision for a full length album then you might have an issue. Just look at […]

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2012 Wrap-Up: Top Tracks of 2012 #40-31

You know my organizational skills can’t resist annual music lists. While you likely will know most of my top tracks of the year, hopefully you’ll find something you may have missed. Chime in with your lists in the comments. I’ll post mixtapes at the end or the list. Enjoy! 40. Big Sean, Kanye West, Jay-Z […]


MP3: Purity Ring + Danny Brown “Belispeak II”

Purity Ring‘s “Belispeak” was already eloquently haunting with downtempo stuttering synth and Megan James spectral vocals. Now things get down right batty with Danny Brown’s schizophrenic rhymes awash in Autotune and a sped up backing with just enough 808. via CoS Pick up Purity Ring’s excellent album Shrines on Amazon now and catch them on […]

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The Hood Internet: Big KRIT+Luda+Bun B vs. Passion Pit “I’ll Be Country”

When I see a mash-up featuring certain artists, I just know it’s going to be a homerun. Case in point, Big KRIT + Passion Pit. The Hood Internet know my tastes too well. Also check out The Hood Internet’s other latest and greatest tracks featuring Danny Brown vs. Dirty Projectors and Ca$h Out vs. Tiny […]