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Remix Friday 7/4/14 w/Disclosure, bvnny, Pusher, AMTRAC, The Melker Project & more

Caseville, MI. Summer 2009 Happy Remix Friday America-style (a day early, of course)! If my 4th of July mixtapes aren’t enough to keep your party going this weekend, give these remixes a try. Jack Garratt boldly remixes his own hit (and succeeds!), bvnny stays killing the mash-up game and Pusher wins the prize for first […]

2009 albums Lists

2009 Wrap-Up: Top Albums of 2009 – 14-10

Similar to 2008’s Top Albums list, I was going to roll with my favorite 12 albums…except there were two more that I couldn’t ignore. Anyways, these were my top albums of 2009. They aren’t necessarily what critics or the masses would select, but I couldn’t stop listening to these 14 albums. Enjoy and leave feedback […]

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Michigan Bound

I’m headed to Michigan for a short vaca with stops in Bloomfield Hills, Davison and Caseville.  I hope to get back to regular posting next week.  Look for a new Nark soon. Happy 4th of July. Here are a few items to keep you busy while I’m gone: Michael Franti & Spearhead – Say Hey […]