Editorial JayeL Audio

JayeL Audio 3.0

As you may have noticed, JayeL Audio finally received a few necessary updates. I’m still working out a few kinks (background image, drop down menu buttons, header, etc.), but here is a quick rundown of the changes: -Blog-friendly layout: Hopefully will shorten load times, get rid of that ugly dual post image I was dealing […]

Detroit Editorial

Dear Detroit…

Dear Detroit, My my my how you’ve changed since I’ve been away. When I left jobs were scarce, people were fleeing the city (and state) and the big autos were taking govt bailouts. I didn’t know how long I’d be in Atlanta, but suffice to say ATL has made me appreciate what cities have to […]


Dear ATL…

Dear Atlanta, Where do I begin? As a young lad I was a fan of Dominique Wilkins aka The Human Highlight Film, the Braves, and nearly every hip-hop act to come out of this great city. Never did I believe I would live in the city some call Catlanta, Hatlanta or just ATL (not Hotlanta, […]