2008 Showstopper

2008 Showstopper: Best Concerts of '08

In 2008, my concert viewing spanned 3 states and many stages.  Here is a brief run down of my favorites: 6. Jessica Lea Mayfield/An Horse – Pike Room, The Crofoot, Pontiac, MI – 10/29/08 Jessica Lea Mayfield put on one of the most intimate shows I’ve ever seen in October.  Unfortunately, I don’t think she […]


12 Albums for 2008 pt 2: 1-6

I’ve seen in many spaces that “best of lists” aren’t important and biased.  I personally comb through and look forward to them.  I don’t always agree with the reviewer’s opinion, but I have found countless new bands this way.  Its almost as good as a friend’s recommendation. 6. Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes Cornering the […]

Electronic Mash-ups

Girl Talk: "Feed the Animals" Indeed

Previously mentioned, in more places than I can count, mash-up maestro Girl Talk released Feed the Animals last Thursday. 2 years after his breakout success, The Night Ripper, Greg Gillis is pretty much the face (but not the creator) of this evolving genre. So far, the Hood Internet, Car Stereo (Wars) and Immuzikation are the […]