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Frankmusik: Long Live Frankmusik EP

Last time we heard from Frankmusik, he had an addictive little piece of brit pop with “Confusion Girl” Now he comes out of nowhere with free EP, Long Live Frankmusik, featuring 4 new tracks, including a Daft Punk tribute. A “Snowpacalypse” can’t keep the internetz down. Get Frankmusik – Long Live Frankmusic EP here

JayeL Audio Mixtape

New Mixtape: JayeL Audio 6-25-09

I’d like to put these out faster than 1 month at a time, but that seems to be my average right now.  Not for a lack of good music either.  This selection has more Gossip (“Men  In Love” an amazing album, btw ), more Camera Obscura (“The Sweetest Thing”) and more brit pop via Little […]


Frankmusik: Catchy "Little Words"

If you heard my obsession last summer with Alphabeat’s “Digital Love” cover, turns out I lied to you.  Alphabeat was certainly on the track, but I forgot to include a fellow who goes by the name, Frankmusik. Frankmusik aka Vincent Frank has been making tons of noise overseas and has been brewing stateside from production […]