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CELEBRATION: The Magician – Magic Tape 59 (An Appreciation)

Well folks, it is official: I have completed all of my graduate school class work. I still have a pesky thesis to tackle in the near future, but not going to classes is a big victory in my book. I have a thousand people to thank, but my wife gets the biggest credit for making […]

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The Magician – Magic Tape 50 (Birthday Edition) ft TCTS, Feder, Zac Samuel, Grades & More

If it seems like I just profiled a Magic Tape, its because I did. The Magician‘s legendary mix series is always a challenged to crack, but Magic Tape 49 was especially difficult for listeners. Luckily, Magic Tape 50 (Birthday Edition) was a lot easier to analyze (not that I had anything to do with deciphering […]