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Raekwon & Ghostface: Rock n Roll on Jimmy Fallon

I was catching up on my DVR recently and I almost missed this performance of Raekwon ft Ghostface Killah and The Roots. Raekwon’s Shaolin vs Wu Tang is in stores now. Also, you can get the Wu Tang bath mat pictured above here.

2009 Hip-Hop Lists Rap

2009 Wrap-Up: Top Hip-Hop 13 Tracks of 2009

I probably shouldn’t even list these as “top hip-hop tracks” because I really haven’t heard everything in the world of hip-hop this year. Drake caused every rapper to want to do a decent mixtape, or put out a song a week or whatever. There were a lot of new artists in the rap game this […]

Hip-Hop Mixtape Nark

New Mixtape: Nark Got A Room

There was a slight drought in rap/hip-hop from Feb. to early March, but I finally gathered enough material for a decent mixtape.  More acts from the past seem to be trying to reclaim glory from yesteryear (or they need some more pay checks).  Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony somehow got all the members in the same […]