Indie Showstopper

Live Review: Givers at Masquerade 1/14/12

While Givers didn’t put on the show I hoped they would until the last three songs played, I’m still hopeful to see them in another setting. Their energy seemed cage with such a short set and inside on a chilly January evening. I’m certain they would live up to the hype at an outdoor venue […]

2011 Lists

2011 Wrap-up: Top Tracks of the Year #40-#31

Whittling down the best songs of the year is much tougher than the albums list. Anyone can release a great song, but a fluid, cohesive album is much harder to find. Over the next few posts, I’ll breakdown my top tracks of the year (followed by a two disc mixtape). As Laura correctly informed me, […]

2011 albums

2011 Wrap-Up: Top Albums of the Year – Honorable Mention

Argued arbitrary by many, but all I do this time of year is read “best of the year” lists. Its only right that I put my own opinions out there for the internetz. This certainly beats the days when I would e-mail my list out, right? The list has expanded to 20 this year because […]

JayeL Audio Mixtape

New Mixtape: 4th of July 2011 – DAY

Who doesn’t love 4th of July? Friends, family, burgers, beer, sunshine, beach, margaritas? Hopefully, these tunes are apt to keep you satisfied in the sand. CSS is the winner of this mix (in my opinion), but Fair Ohs, Josh Rouse and the Knocks put up a fight as well? Let me know your favorite in […]