CONTEST: 2012 Grammy Nominations

While not always relevant to what the kids listen to these days, last year’s Grammy awards went a long way for big bands in my world that don’t necessarily fall in the “commercial” category. Mumford & Sons and Avett Brothers had breakout performances, while somehow Arcade Fire won top honors for The Suburbs and The […]


The Grammys: A few notes

The Grammys are still pretty irrelevant, but at least this year was more fun, right? Here are a few quick thoughts on the night: -The B.o.B./Bruno Mars/Janelle Monae performance was my favorite of the night. All three artists pumped energy into the show and I was pleasantly surprised with Bruno’s throwback act. -Did you see […]


Grammy Battle: Vampire Weekend vs The Black Keys

The Grammy nominations have pretty much been a joke with old, stuffy label heads voting in categories they have no business choosing. I’m pretty sure I remember Will Smith beating Hova for a Best Rap Album Grammy once. Anyways, the past few years the voters have got much better. Here Grammy Winner and voter Stephen […]