Dance Electronic House remix Remix Friday

Remix Friday 5/22/15 ft Eau Claire, Brenmar, Diplo, Grandtheft, Fono & more

Rawandiz, Iraqi Kurdistan. May 2015 via TRAVELSTACHE Remixes galore are typically released just before Memorial Day weekend and I’m sure are hitting my inbox as I type this. Below are my favorite remixes that I’ll be blasting all weekend. Brenmar, Diplo, Grandtheft, Tiesto and MOTi are all names that equate to a raucous party and […]

Dance Electronic Mash-ups remix Remix Friday

Remix Friday 9/5/14 w/Coucheron, Matt DiMona, SKULS, Grandtheft & more

Caseville, MI. August 2014. This week’s edition of Remix Friday features plenty of JayeL Audio favorites being remixed by first time RF remixers and many I forsee will be around in future weeks. While I’m a huge fan of ATL’s B.o.B., I never really loved “Headband”, but Coucheron’s dose of tropical synth was much appreciated. […]