Thursday Linkage: Dent May, Album Tacos, Hypercrush, Dizzy and more

A) I’d never thought that Dent May and Mayer Hawthorne had similar voices, until I heard “That Feeling”. Either way, new Dent May is a good thing. Pre-order Dent May’s new 7″ single “That Feeling” here. Dent May – That Feeling (free mp3) Dent May – Eastover Wives (free mp3) B) Another tumblr featuring album […]

Dance Electronic

Hypercrush – “Ayo” + Diplo

I imagine this won’t be for everyone that comes to this site, but it might be by the time the weekend hits. Hypercrush (made up of Donny, Preston and Holly) is a trio of self-described “shit-faced extra terrestrials” who are in the business of making crazy electro party jams. You might remember them from the […]