Kenna: Chains stream and video

Star Trak artist Kenna has finally been back in the lab working on his next album, Songs For Flight. In the mean time, he quietly dropped an EP titled Land To Air I: Chaos and Darkness that has me hyped for the album. The first offering, “Chains” is a much more electronic and darker track […]

Hip-Hop Mixtape Nark

Narkworthy 6/3: Nark Inc.

This mixtape was actually sitting on the burner for a week or so. After the onslaught of summer hip-hop, it took a little while to decide what would make the cut. After seeing the track list, 2 things jump out at me: 1. Neptunes, Neptunes Neptunes. Pharrell and Chad are all over this edition. N.E.R.D. […]