Guilty Pleasure: "Welcome to" CuDi

I don’t really see this track having the mass appeal that “Let It Rock” had, but its still catchy pop.  Supposedly, it had Officer Ross on it, before they made the right choice and scooped up the hottest up and coming rapper in the game, KiD CuDi. Kevin Rudolf – Welcome to the World ft […]

Power Pop

Lil' Wayne: "Hot Revolver", Maybe

Recently, I stated that the only artists that should be allowed to use Auto-Tune were Mr. West, T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne.  Based on the early results from Weezy’s upcoming rock album, Rebirth, I may have misspoke. I was fine with Dwayne’s use of music technology on tracks like “Swagger Like Us” and Gorilla Zoe’s “Lost”, […]