Mixtape Nark

New Mixtape: Edge of Narkness

Back at it again. This is my interpretation of whats good in the land of hip-hop and rap since the last round. I was pretty psyched the first time I heard Lil’ Wayne and Eminem on “Drop the World” over Christmas break, but I didn’t have enough material for a new mix then. “Home Run” […]


Kid Cudi: “Wut”? A New Post?

Kid Cudi‘s blog has been all but a ghost-town since he announced the “scene-listing” for mysecond favorite album of 2009, Man On The Moon: The End of Day. Needless to say, I was shocked to see a new post from Cudder himself pop up on my RSS feed. Sounds like he’s busy with acting in […]

JayeL Audio Mixtape

New Mixtape: JayeL Audio 2-10-10 Part 1 of 2

Hopefully, this isn’t music overload for you, but I had to split this mixtape in two again…only a week later than I planned. I could give you a list of excuses of my tardiness, but you’d probably just rather get to the music, right? My first mixtape of the new year features some of the […]

2009 Lists Showstopper

2009 Wrap-Up: The Year in Concerts

One last list…and here we go. I saw a few shows in 2009, not as many as the previous year, but don’t think I wasn’t tempted. I still say Detroit has better overall venues, but Atlanta draws better names (1st Quarter of 2010 looks ridiculous too). Below are 4 shows I saw worth writing about […]

2009 Hip-Hop Lists Rap

2009 Wrap-Up: Top Hip-Hop 13 Tracks of 2009

I probably shouldn’t even list these as “top hip-hop tracks” because I really haven’t heard everything in the world of hip-hop this year. Drake caused every rapper to want to do a decent mixtape, or put out a song a week or whatever. There were a lot of new artists in the rap game this […]

2009 Dance Electronic Folk Hip-Hop Indie Indie Pop Lists Rap

2009 Wrap-Up: Top Tracks of the Year #11 to #1

11. Jack Penate – Pull My Heart Away Penate’s crooning seriously sounds like his heart it being physically ripped out on this track. This pained approach is even more appropriate given the nostalgic guitar riffs and heartbeat-like drums. I don’t know what the guitar technique is thats used on this song, but it would sound […]

2009 albums Hip-Hop Lists Rap

2009 Wrap-Up: Top Hip-Hop Albums #5 to #1

You’ll notice Kid Cudi and K’Naan made both lists, but couldn’t land the top spot here because Raekwon stuck to his hip-hop roots. As an overall album, I like Cudi’s better, but Raekwon owned this list from a hip-hop perspective. 5. Drake – So Far Gone Mixtape Arguably one of the most successful mixtapes in […]