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Lil' Wayne: "Hot Revolver", Maybe

Recently, I stated that the only artists that should be allowed to use Auto-Tune were Mr. West, T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne.  Based on the early results from Weezy’s upcoming rock album, Rebirth, I may have misspoke. I was fine with Dwayne’s use of music technology on tracks like “Swagger Like Us” and Gorilla Zoe’s “Lost”, […]

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Top Hip-Hop Releases of 2008

2008 was no 2007, but the year that brought The Cool and American Gangster was the closest the game has been to 1994 yet in awhile.  However, 2008 did bring forth a new class of MC’s ready to show they can take Hip-Hop in a new, diverse direction (see Asher Roth, KiD CuDi, Kyle Lucas, […]


2007 Wrap-Up: Looking Forward To In 2008

While 2007 was the best year in music for me personally, I have only begun to dig in the crates for new music. Though many indie fans have complained that there aren’t any big albums to look forward to in 2008 (Arcade Fire, The New Pornographers, Arctic Monkeys, The Shins, etc.) There should be more […]


Spring Break '07: Ann St. Takes Acapulco

Its officially, I have almost no motivation left for work now. My colorful flowcharts are beginning to take the form of a bright yellow sun (print buys), a crisp dark blue ocean (outdoor boards) and a cool, tan glass of Corona (direct mail campaigns). The endless lines of numeric code all seem to read like […]