2018 albums JayeL Audio Lists

2018 Wrap-Up: Top Albums of 2018

I have typically been confident in the staying power of albums, until this year. Despite conversations to the contrary about this musical medium, I’ve had plenty of tough choices to make when compiling past yearly lists. That isn’t to say that this year’s list is lacking in quality music. I would just say this list […]

2017 Concert Detroit Lists Live Review Showstopper

2017 Wrap-Up: Top Live Shows of 2017

Completing graduate school in May 2017 was exciting for many reasons, but an increase in time away from the home office was one of the top. That additional freedom allowed me to get out and see more live music than I’ve witnessed in at least 4 years. Below is a list of my favorite live […]

2017 Dance Electronic Lists remix Remix Friday

2017 Wrap-Up: Top 100 Remixes of 2017

2017 would not be complete without a recap of the best remixes of the year (at least for my ears). Remixes seemed to be everywhere this year as Spotify’s grip on the streaming music game expanding and reworkings being more important to new music promotion. New interpretations of some of pop’s biggest acts weren’t much […]

2017 Indie JayeL Audio Lists Mixtape

2017 Wrap-Up: Top Tracks of 2017

This year’s top tracks list had a problem…too many good choices. Hence the 100 song list you see before you. As usual, the rules are that songs counted came out in 2017 (or late 2016, see: Michigan Rattlers, RTJ, and Kid Cudi) and are my most played and adored of the year. 100 songs also […]

2017 albums Indie Lists

2017 Wrap-Up: Top Albums of 2017

2017 – the year that felt like a decade for many people. Though there was not as much protest music as I expected, the year was filled with an avalanche of great new albums, despite the apparent demise of the format. Hip-hop brought its “A-game” thanks to outstanding albums from King Kendrick (more on him […]

2016 albums Lists

2016 Wrap-Up: Top Albums of 2016

2016, where do I begin? I should probably just accept that the debate regarding the worth and validity of the album as a medium will likely continue each year that I listen to music. If I do accept that, then 2016 was a strong effort on behalf of the “pro-albums” team. Many legendary musicians passed […]

2016 Dance Electronic House Lists Mixtape remix Remix Friday

2016 Wrap-Up: Top Remixes of 2016 MIXTAPE

2016 brought on a lot of changes in remix-land that were not necessarily great, depending on your stake in the game. Soundcloud Go’s launch meant labels, acts, and producers could finally monetize the millions of listens on the service. However, that meant a massive amount of producers had their accounts disabled for copyright reasons, mash-ups […]