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It took 2 months but after: -Getting fed up with Blogger’s decision to delete posts -Searching for a new job -Moving from Detroit to Atlanta, GA -DJ’ing at Phonotropic in Pontiac, MI -Starting a new job -Settling into apartment …I finally made the switch to a WordPress blog. Try to be patient as I can […]

Electronic Mash-ups

Girl Talk: "Feed the Animals" Indeed

Previously mentioned, in more places than I can count, mash-up maestro Girl Talk released Feed the Animals last Thursday. 2 years after his breakout success, The Night Ripper, Greg Gillis is pretty much the face (but not the creator) of this evolving genre. So far, the Hood Internet, Car Stereo (Wars) and Immuzikation are the […]


The Hood Internet: "Doe Boy" With A Backpack

I have to admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of the rap/rock infusion craze that took over the past few years. The Linkin Park/Jay-Z collaboration was fine (“Points Of Authority/99 Problems” was my favorite) and the unauthorized Nine Inch Nails/50 Cent “In The Club/Closer” mash-up was a crowd pleaser, but neither were ground-breaking (see trendsetters […]