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Top 10 Songs of 2008

This is toughest list to make every year.  It is a lot easier for an artist to craft a break through song than a full concise album.  I don’t have an army of writers like Pitchfork to create a thorough detail of 100 songs, so here are my 10 favorites of 2008. 10. Mike Moran […]


12 Albums for 2008 pt 1: 7-12

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that “the album is dead”.  I don’t see how that makes any sense with the countless top whatever lists I’ve seen over the past month.  2008 was indeed a great year for music and here are a few reasons why: 12. Black Kids – Partie Traumatic Black […]

JayeL Audio

JayeL Audio Music

It took 2 months but after: -Getting fed up with Blogger’s decision to delete posts -Searching for a new job -Moving from Detroit to Atlanta, GA -DJ’ing at Phonotropic in Pontiac, MI -Starting a new job -Settling into apartment …I finally made the switch to a WordPress blog. Try to be patient as I can […]