Happy Remix Day- RAC, Yeasayer, Passion Pit and Calvin Harris

Plenty O’Good remixes dropped this week. Here we go: -Tegan & Sara – Turnpike Ghost (Steel Train cover/RAC mix) See if you can follow me here: Tegan & Sara covered Steel Train’s “Turnpike Ghost”, which RAC in turn remixed the hell out of. Pretty great if you ask me. Steel Train – Turnpike Ghost (RAC […]

JayeL Audio Mixtape

New Mixtape: JayeL Audio 11-24-09 – Part 1 of 2

A trip back to MSU, moving to a new apartment and working some late hours not only means I don’t get you new music in a reasonable manner. It also means that my RSS feed is filled to the brim with new tunes. I’m crazy enough to think that any one of those links could […]

Hip-Hop Mixtape Nark

Narkworthy 6/3: Nark Inc.

This mixtape was actually sitting on the burner for a week or so. After the onslaught of summer hip-hop, it took a little while to decide what would make the cut. After seeing the track list, 2 things jump out at me: 1. Neptunes, Neptunes Neptunes. Pharrell and Chad are all over this edition. N.E.R.D. […]

Hip-Hop Nark Rap

Narkworthy 5/20: B.O.B., N.E.R.D., Bun B ft Lupe

There was drought for a week or so, but when new, good hip-hop comes out, it is usually in bunches. Last week was no different with a plethora of summer-ready goodness from a variety of sources. B.O.B. – Lonely People This track from the next great thing from A-Town isn’t exactly new, but I finally […]