Hip-Hop Mixtape Nark Rap

Old Mixtape: The Nark Supremacy

With my recent car troubles, I’ve been relegated to compact discs.  Since most of my recent music purchases have been mp3’s, I’ve been digging in the crates with past mixtapes.  There have been some great mixtape names (Jurassic Nark, Narkman Prophecies), some good finds (DJ Green Lantern’s Ivasion series, Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt) and some bad […]


2007 Wrap-Up: Covers in 2007

2007 brought a plethora of karaoke wanna bes to the mainstream. It seemed like everyone from Tegan and Sara (Rihanna’s “Umbrella”) to Lily Allen (50 Cent’s “Window Shopper”) felt the need to get their “American Idol” on and borrow a fellow artists song. I normally don’t condone this kind of recycling, but the following covers […]

Covers Indie

Jenny Owen Youngs: Hot In Herre…As In Michigan

A new artist I found out about yesterday is folk/indie rocker Jenny Owen Youngs. I was referred to her by the amazing weekly podcast, Pop Candy. The podcast is written by USA Today blogger Whitney Matheson and covers everything in pop culture (“Lost”, “30 Rock”, concerts, movies, etc.) and she usually gives some good music […]