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2008 Wrap-Up: Album Purchases

I consume a massive amount of music each week.  My Google Reader count is constantly at 100+ and I can’t seem to catch up with the numerous blogs, reviews and Pitchfork information I read.  As a result, I’m much more selective in the music I purchase. It doesn’t seem that long ago, when I would […]

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Top Hip-Hop Releases of 2008

2008 was no 2007, but the year that brought The Cool and American Gangster was the closest the game has been to 1994 yet in awhile.  However, 2008 did bring forth a new class of MC’s ready to show they can take Hip-Hop in a new, diverse direction (see Asher Roth, KiD CuDi, Kyle Lucas, […]

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New Mixtape: Nark Streets

A little something for the Holiday break.  I’ll have actual 2008 best of lists when its most appropriate, in 2009. Mixtape Observations: A. Common + Kanye > Common + Pharrell B. The only artists who should use Auto-Tune – T-Pain, Lil’ Wayne, Kanye C. Lupe Fiasco has more unreleased gems than most rappers have hits […]

Hip-Hop Mixtape Nark

Narkworthy 6/3: Nark Inc.

This mixtape was actually sitting on the burner for a week or so. After the onslaught of summer hip-hop, it took a little while to decide what would make the cut. After seeing the track list, 2 things jump out at me: 1. Neptunes, Neptunes Neptunes. Pharrell and Chad are all over this edition. N.E.R.D. […]