Polica – Tiff ft Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver

Considering two of the only indie acts in recent years that I approve of using Autotune, a song with both Polica and Justin Vernon is right up my alley. “Tiff” marks the surprise return of Minneapolis electro/R&B act Polica already at work on a new album after their compelling 2012 debut, Give You The Ghost. […]

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2012 Wrap-Up: Top Albums of the Year #20-15

20. Poliça-Give You The Ghost The debut from Minneapolis duo Bryan Olson and Channy Leabeagh aka Poliça is drenched in so much vocoder it would make rapper/sanger Future jealous. That might seem like a bad attribute, but the vocal effects used by Leabeagh result in an enchanting synth and drum-filled affair. Many tracks like “Amongster” […]

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2012 Wrap-Up: Top Tracks of 2012 #40-31

You know my organizational skills can’t resist annual music lists. While you likely will know most of my top tracks of the year, hopefully you’ll find something you may have missed. Chime in with your lists in the comments. I’ll post mixtapes at the end or the list. Enjoy! 40. Big Sean, Kanye West, Jay-Z […]