Hip-Hop Rap

New Mixtape: The Narkover

These titles really haven’t made sense for awhile now, so why start now, right? New hip-hop for your dome. I’ve already been drooling about Bad Meets Evil’s Hell: The Sequel EP, so I don’t need to discuss much here but “Fast Lane” is exactly what I hoped for. 50 Cent gets a beat that sounds […]

Hip-Hop Nark Wale

Narkworthy 4/22: Paranoid Nark

Well it took me 2 months to compile a worthwhile mixtape, but here it is. There are some club/radio tracks (Stat Quo, Ying Yang Twins), storytelling (Atmosphere, Wale), throwbacks (The Cool Kids, Pacific Division) and comebacks (AZ, The Game). Hopefully, there is something for everyone. Comments and criticism are greatly appreciated. Paranoid Nark1. Jay-Z – […]