Speak/RAC – Carrie Remix

I’ve been a huge fan of Remix Artist Collective aka RAC for quite sometime. Imagine my surprise when Andre Allen Anjos of RAC contacted me about his latest work. Anjos, Andrew Murray and Crookram make up this band of remixers who have supplied me (and probably you) with more party and workout music than you […]

JayeL Audio

My Next Move: Reader Help

So if you’ve stopped by JayeL Audio over the past 2 weeks, you may have noticed something other than my blog. The RIAA opted to tell they needed to shut down my blog for “copywrite infringement”. Granted, not everything you listen to here is exactly “legal”, but a lot of it is “free and […]

Electropop Indie Pop

Mates of State: This Is The Remix

File this under one of the best (and unexpected) ideas of 2009.  Indie pop duo extraordinaire, Mates of State have announced they will be releasing a “spring” EP of remixes.  Re-Arranged : Remixes Vol 1 will feature re-workings of track from their fantastic latest album.  If you’ve paid attention to the Hype Machine at all, […]