JayeL Audio Mixtape

New Mixtape: JayeL Audio 4-3-12

A combination of moving, late nights at work and a fried motherboard means we have a lot of music to talk about. Luckily, I was able to scoop up a new MacBook Pro and get relatively caught up on the plethora of new music unleashed in the last month or so. I’m somewhat glad I […]


MP3: Release the Sunbird – I Will Walk

About 7 months have passed since Zach Rogue released his first effort Come Back To Us as Release The Sunbird. While not a huge departure from Zach’s main gig Rogue Wave, Come Back to Us excelled as a breezy stripped down folk affair. Wasting no time, Zach returns with Imaginary Summer, a 6 track EP […]

Indie JayeL Audio Mixtape

NEW MIXTAPE: JayeL Audio 9-9-11

The ladies were out in full force during August. Powerhouses like Florence & The Machine, Feist and Marina & the Diamonds all offered up new music. Even if Marina sounds more like Gaga right now than Marina, I’ll still support it. Elsewhere, new albums from The Rapture (“Never Die Again”), The Features (“Another One”) and […]


FREE MP3: Release the Sunbird: Always Like The Son

I’ll support anything Zach Rogue is a part of, even a solo project. After building up a stable of hits (“Eyes”, “Lake Michigan” to name a few) with main band Rogue Wave, Zach ventured to the Midwest (Bloomington, IN to be exact) to try something new. Out of those sessions came Release the Sunbird and […]