Hip-Hop Mixtape Nark Rap

Mixtape: Nark Of Wall Street ft Isaiah Rashad, Cam’ron & A-Trak, Drake and more

Nark of Wall Street from jayelaudio on 8tracks Radio. I’m not sure what the percentage is of readers that still check for new hip-hop/rap, but there has to be at least 8 of you. When people ask me if I still listen to hip-hop, I say yes, but there is a lot of garbage I […]

Hip-Hop Rap

Remi – Sangria & F.Y.G. Act: 1

Let’s face it, much of the big hip-hop releases of the year haven’t delivered on their lofty expectations so far. Pusha T’s solo seems to have been worth the wait and “Rap God” gives me hope for Eminem’s next opus, but even Kendrick’s effort to put the industry on blast fell flat a few weeks […]