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New Mixtape: Into Narkness ft KiD CuDi, Hit-Boy, Skewby, Drake & more

Nostalgia, a word my wife can’t stand for some reason and the way I’ll always feel about ‘90’s and early ‘00’s hip-hop. If bling, soul samples, No Limit and bass from an 808 make you yearn for days of old, you will enjoy this mixtape. Newcomer Mayalino must have called in a major favor because […]

Hip-Hop Rap

Spree Wilson: Right One | Wrong Time

The year was 1996 and MTV Jams was a daily ritual, especially during Summer of ’96. Bill Bellamy and Ananda Lewis did more than focus on rap music (that was Yo!MTV Raps previous job). They catered to hip-hop and R&B acts that weren’t part of MTV’s typical video rotation. That show is where I first […]

Hip-Hop Mixtape

New Mixtape: The Nark Before Christmas

Back by popular demand, a new hip-hop/rap mixtape just in time for the Holidays. This is probably the most geographically diverse Nark I’ve made to date. The South offers up some street-drama and posse cuts via Bobby Ray aka B.o.B. (“I Feed These Streets”), Spree Wilson (“WORD”), The Clipse (“Popular Demand”) and DJ Khaled w/Usher, […]