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2009 Wrap-Up: The Year in Concerts

One last list…and here we go. I saw a few shows in 2009, not as many as the previous year, but don’t think I wasn’t tempted. I still say Detroit has better overall venues, but Atlanta draws better names (1st Quarter of 2010 looks ridiculous too). Below are 4 shows I saw worth writing about […]

Concert Showstopper

Showstopper '09: Black Kids 5/1/09 – The Loft

I almost didn’t make it, due to a car accident, but Black Kids did exactly what I hoped they would on Friday night at The Loft.  Since they’ve have been performing hits from Partie Traumatic/Wizard of Ahhz for the past 2 years, it wasn’t too surprising that the band sounded near perfection. Reggie Youngblood and […]


2007 Wrap-Up: 10 Tracks in 2007

I feel like I might be shooting myself in the foot by neglecting some songs, but as far as I can remember, these were my favorites. Feel free to let me know of any suggestions. #10 Emmy the Great “Two Steps Forward” While 2008 will likely bring Emmy the Great to the masses, she started […]