Hip-Hop Mixtape Nark Rap

NEW MIXTAPE: LOTN: The Fellowship of the Nark

I debated back and forth on waiting for Watch the Throne to drop to include some tracks, but I’m betting on that being a front to back classic. You’ll just have to pick that up on your own. Speaking of dream teams, hip-hop has been all about collaboration so far this summer. Big Sean, Wiz […]

Electronic remix

mochi beats: Keep Me Under The Sheets ft Ellie Goulding and Three Six Mafia

I’ve always wondered why more mash-up artists don’t get into production/remixing. mochi beats sent over a great remix amid some vocals of Ellie Goulding’s “Under the Sheets” and Three Six’s “Keep My Name Out Your Mouth”. Hopefully, this is just a taste of the original production mochi can offer. mochi beats – Keep Me Under […]


The Hood Internet: "Doe Boy" With A Backpack

I have to admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of the rap/rock infusion craze that took over the past few years. The Linkin Park/Jay-Z collaboration was fine (“Points Of Authority/99 Problems” was my favorite) and the unauthorized Nine Inch Nails/50 Cent “In The Club/Closer” mash-up was a crowd pleaser, but neither were ground-breaking (see trendsetters […]