Dance Electronic House remix Remix Friday

Remix Friday 5/22/15 ft Eau Claire, Brenmar, Diplo, Grandtheft, Fono & more

Rawandiz, Iraqi Kurdistan. May 2015 via TRAVELSTACHE Remixes galore are typically released just before Memorial Day weekend and I’m sure are hitting my inbox as I type this. Below are my favorite remixes that I’ll be blasting all weekend. Brenmar, Diplo, Grandtheft, Tiesto and MOTi are all names that equate to a raucous party and […]

Dance Electronic Mash-ups remix Remix Friday

Remix Friday 7/4/14 w/Disclosure, bvnny, Pusher, AMTRAC, The Melker Project & more

Caseville, MI. Summer 2009 Happy Remix Friday America-style (a day early, of course)! If my 4th of July mixtapes aren’t enough to keep your party going this weekend, give these remixes a try. Jack Garratt boldly remixes his own hit (and succeeds!), bvnny stays killing the mash-up game and Pusher wins the prize for first […]

Dance Electronic House

Treasure Fingers & The Knocks – DYWT

Whether they are releasing original pop music or banging remixes, The Knocks just plain know how to make people dance. Treasure Fingers is no slouch himself. Stream their latest house-inspired collaboration “DYWT” below. You definitely want to. BONUS: Treasure Fingers & The Knocks – My Body

Dance Electronic

Treasure Fingers & The Knocks – My Body

If there wasn’t enough dance music in this week’s edition of Remix Friday, this dream pairing might help out. Treasure Fingers & The Knocks come together on the house flavored cut “My Body”. Look for the Knocks recently finished album soon! via DAD BONUS: Eric Prydz – Niton (Treasure Fingers Remix)