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Vitek: Sunbird + Music Video and ATL Show at Vinyl 5/24

Nashville’s Vitek is back with a sunny, Spring-ready new single “Sunbird”. The sound floats between jazz and afro pop while lead singer Gabraham Vitek anchors the track with, well, I have no idea what he is saying. It sounds good though. Not only is the song inescapable, but the accompanying music video has the amazing […]

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VITEK: Kaleidoscope and upcoming Atlanta shows

Having 7 members can be tricky for any new band. Varying backgrounds, dreams and motives could be tough bring together a cohesive group. Thats why Nashville act Vitek is hoping to avoid any of those hinderances with a simple mission statement: “THINK POSITIVE. FORGIVE EACH OTHER. DANCE.” With that guiding principal in mind, leader Gabraham […]