Dance Electronic House remix Remix Friday

Remix Friday 6-26-15 ft Eau Clair, Viceroy, Sammy Porter, RAC & more

Rawandiz Canyon in Iraqi Kurdistan. May 2015 via TRAVELSTACHE Let’s back on track, shall we? Summer is in full effect and Mr. “Summertime All The Time” aka Viceroy brought sunshine sounds on his excellent take on Big Data’s “The Business Of Emotion”. Speaking of Viceroy, “Back At The Start” finally got its own remix treatment […]

Dance Electronic House Mash-ups remix Remix Friday

Remix Friday 12/5 ft Autograf, Disciples, Viceroy, DJ Double A, DiscoTech & more

Sierra Nevada Ski Station, Spain. Dec 2014 via TRAVELSTACHE Finals week is keeping me from writing a full synopsis of this week’s top remixes, but this batch has a bit of tropical house (Autograf), infectious rhythms (WMNSTUDIES, Disciples), deeper house (DiscoTech, Zac Samuel) and worthy updates of hip-hop and R&B hits (DJ Double A, Disgo, […]

Dance Electronic remix Remix Friday

Remix Friday: DJ Double A, WMNSTUDIES, Jacques Greene & more

Argentina, April 2012 via TRAVELSTACHE If y’all love Remix Friday say yeahhhhh! Sorry, it has been a long week, but there are plenty of great remixes make up for it. WNSTUDIES offers up another lesson on why Ms. Jackson might be the most remixable artist of all time. Snakehips remixes my favorite new reggae pop […]